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    Aug 26, 2009 Fort Report
    Over the past several weeks, thousands of Nebraskans have shared their views with me regarding the health care proposal in Congress.  I have hosted a public field hearing on “Addressing the ‘Health’ in Health Care,” held personal meetings with constituents, conducted townhalls...
    Aug 5, 2009 Fort Report
    As Congress considers various proposals related to health care reform within the next few weeks, we have an extraordinary opportunity to do something right and good for the American people.   While the challenges before us are multiple, shifting the health care paradigm from a...
    Jul 14, 2009 Fort Report
    As we celebrate our nation’s independence and rich history in the coming days, I thought you might be interested in learning about one of the U.S. Capitol’s lesser known monuments to great leaders of our past, the National Statuary Collection. 
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    Oct 11, 2019 Fort Report
    Middle Eastern dynamics seem far removed from a brisk fall in Nebraska.  It’s hard to get animated by the region’s interminable struggles when the harvest season is upon us and water levels remain a concern.  We eventually just get weary.  We also sense that we can’t keep...
    Oct 4, 2019 Fort Report
    There’s an inscription in stone on the side of the Nebraska State Capitol: “Wisdom.  Justice.  Power.  Mercy.  Constant Guardians of the Law.”  There is a fine line between a wise, merciful pursuit of justice versus a political power play.  For it to be properly exercised, power...
    Sep 27, 2019 Fort Report
    This week, I put out a tweet that read: “My advice to Congress: less drama, more work.”
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