Fort Report: Cody Sperl’s Great Big Nebraska Adventure

Aug 16, 2019
Fort Report

We’re at the last slice of summer and on the cusp of a promising year of Husker football!  For this week’s Fort Report, I’d like to divert from the latest policy debates out of Washington and go with a homegrown video.  I invite you to view my conversation with Cody Sperl from Stanton, who has a fascinating and ambitious mission to visit and chronicle every incorporated community in Nebraska.  Cody has visited 372 towns so far, with more to go.  He has over 4000 likes on his Facebook page: Cody’s Adventurous Travels of Nebraska Towns

Cody told me about off-the-beaten-track attractions like Charles Horn’s animal-themed sculpture garden on the southwestern side of Oconto as well as Nebraska’s Victorian capital of Superior.  Cody is seeking those idiosyncratic Husker highlights you find after you’ve been to Carhenge in Alliance, Chimney Rock near Bayard, and the Thorpe Opera House in David City. 

Here’s my conversation with intrepid Cornhusker state chronicler, Cody Sperl.