Fort Report: Town Halls

Jul 27, 2018
Fort Report

I am honored to serve you in the United States House of Representatives.  As a critical part of my job, during this congressional work period, I will hold discussions in multiple towns and cities across the First District of Nebraska.  At these town hall meetings, I give comprehensive updates from Washington, as well as answer your questions and concerns.  I learn a great deal from you.  Many of the ideas expressed in town hall meetings have affected legislation I have worked on in Washington, including on veterans’ affairs, social security, health care, the budget, the environment, defense, and other issues.

In his seminal work, Democracy in America, Alexander de Tocqueville wrote almost 200 years ago that one of the great hallmarks of our nation is our deep level of local civic engagement.  Farmers, small business owners, teachers, students, railroad workers, repair people, military personnel, homemakers and many others of all races, backgrounds, and occupations, men and women, have a vital stake in our republic.  In America, everyone is blessed to freely express their views in civil, respectful, and constructive dialogue with their representatives.
Below find a list of community meetings that I will be hosting this week and next.  I hope to see you for an hour or so at one of these locations close to where you live:

Friday, July 27:

Bellevue Town Hall: 12:00pm
Bellevue Volunteer Firefighters Hall
2108 Franklin St, Bellevue, NE

Lincoln Town Hall: 5:00pm
Schoo Middle School
700 Penrose Drive, Lincoln, NE

Monday, July 30:

Blair Town Hall: 10:00am
Blair Public Library
2233 Civic Drive, Blair, NE

Fremont Town Hall: 12:30pm
Fremont City Council Chambers
400 E. Military Avenue, Fremont, NE

David City Town Hall: 3:30pm
Roman L. and Victoria E. Hruska Memorial Public Library
399 N. 5th St, David City, NE

Tuesday, July 31:

Columbus Town Hall: 12:00pm
Columbus City Council Chambers
1369 25th Avenue, Columbus, NE

Norfolk Town Hall: 5:00pm
Norfolk City Council Chambers
309 N 5th St, Norfolk, NE