Fort Report: Veterans Day

Nov 10, 2017
Fort Report

Americans have historically united around an enduring principle: our veterans deserve our unwavering respect, love, and gratitude.

In the airport one day a large number of troops came off a commercial flight. Suddenly, the entire terminal began to applaud in a spontaneous outpouring of respect and gratitude. It didn’t require an announcement over the public-address system. It just happened.

People can sense things. We can sense division and we can sense when things are right, like when we see our troops or our veterans. Then our instinct emerges to recognize the nobility of self-sacrifice for one another, our country, and its timeless ideals.

This week, I spoke before the House of Representatives about a number of issues facing our country, and most essentially, how our veterans, by their example of service, stand dutifully above any division and discord—beyond politics—to what is lasting and good. I invite you to view the full speech here:

Happy Veterans Day.