Fort Report: Year End Report

Jan 6, 2018
Fort Report

Thank you for the privilege of representing you in the United States Congress. In Nebraska we have a longstanding commitment to preserve the vibrancy of our communities, to build a resilient economy, and to sustain the storied traditions that continually renew our responsibility to each other. As we celebrate 150 years of statehood, we are proud that Nebraska remains a model for our entire country in the perennial values we hold dear: hard work, perseverance, family life, faith life, and civility.

Among the greatest problems in our society is that so many persons feel forgotten, increasingly marginalized by disinterested power centers. Our system is founded on the belief that political power is derived from each person’s dignity and their right to thoughtfully engage our government.

This Year End Report is prepared for you to review the work of my offices in Washington, D.C., and in Nebraska. It contains an overview of policy issues, including veterans affairs, defense, agricultural initiatives, health care, and small business, as well as events across the district. I invite you to review the links, videos, and statements throughout the Report by clicking here.