Keeping in Touch in a New Congress

Jun 19, 2009
Fort Report

As the new year begins so does a new session of Congress.  While the next two years will present historic challenges and require many hard decisions, it is a great honor to serve as your Representative in the 111th session of the United States Congress.

You know well the tremendous challenges we face as a nation. Financial instability, the struggle in our culture for goodness and meaning, and international conflict and volatility create uncertainty and threaten our security.

But America is a land of extraordinary capacity.  Previous generations met difficult challenges by embracing our nation' foundational values – the ideals of liberty, justice, and goodness.  They served our nation with a spirit of sacrifice and purpose, emphasizing hard work, community, and stewardship.

Now is a time for renewal, our chance to build new opportunity.  My efforts in Congress are focused on five important areas for our nation' well-being: national security and global stability, alternative energy and environmental sustainability, small business entrepreneurship and rural vitality, patient-centered healthcare reform, and family life and culture.

You may have recently received in the mail a report providing an overview of this work.  If you do not have a copy, you may wish to view it at my official website,  You can access the 2008 Year-End Report by clicking on the “Year-End Review” button along the right-side of the homepage.

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An important part of my work in this new Congress is communicating with you about the great challenges before us as a nation, and your thoughts and ideas about the progress of our work are important to me.  Please visit to review the 2008 Year-End Report, and consider staying in regular touch with my office by becoming a subscriber to the email newsletter, the Fort Report.