Sep 13, 2010 Fort Report
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Aug 25, 2010 Fort Report
Like many Americans, a number of Nebraskans I visited with over the past few weeks have serious concerns regarding the state of affairs in our nation.  At town hall meetings held across eastern Nebraska, we took time to have detailed, constructive discussions about the weighty...
Aug 4, 2010 Fort Report
Nearly 45,000 Boy Scouts descended upon our nation’s capital to celebrate the Boy Scouts of America centennial.  The Boy Scouts National Jamboree took place July 26 through August 4, with activities in Washington, D.C. and nearby Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia.  More than 240 Scouts...
Jul 16, 2010 Fort Report
Late last week, a group of House colleagues and I reviewed the impacts of the BP oil spill on Gulf Coast communities and ecosystems.  We walked the coastline of the marsh and scouted the inlet bays that have now become the front lines of a land war against incoming oil.  As I...
Jun 30, 2010 Fort Report
Recently, on the national radio program The John Batchelor Show, I had the opportunity to discuss recent congressional efforts to help mitigate the spread of nuclear weapons.  You can listen to this brief interview by clicking
Jun 24, 2010 Fort Report
The House Majority Leader this week announced that Congress would not consider a budget this year, for the first time since 1974.  I recently spoke on the House Floor in opposition to this, and wanted to share with you my remarks.
Jun 16, 2010 Fort Report
America’s veterans sacrifice much to serve our nation.  They risk life and limb. They spend time away from home and family.  They endure the hardships that can occur upon returning to civilian life following active military service.
Jun 11, 2010 Fort Report
I recently had the great privilege of visiting with Ashland, Nebraska native and NASA astronaut and aerospace engineer, Clayton Anderson, in my Washington D.C. office.  We talked about Clayton’s most recent mission to the International Space Station, the extraordinary training...
May 28, 2010 Fort Report
 “I have never been able to think of the day as one of mourning; I have never quite been able to feel that half-masted flags were appropriate on Decoration Day.  I have rather felt that the flag should be at the peak, because those whose dying we commemorate rejoiced in seeing...