Apr 26, 2010 Fort Report
Across America, libraries have for many years been fixtures in our communities, where they serve as both centers for the pursuit of learning and gathering places for the exchange of news and ideas.
Apr 16, 2010 Fort Report
This week the United States hosted a Global Nuclear Security Summit in Washington D.C.  Leaders of 47 nations participated in discussions about collaborative efforts to prevent nuclear terrorism and the proliferation of nuclear weapons.
Apr 14, 2010 Fort Report
“Think what you do when you run in debt; you give to another power over your liberty."— Benjamin Franklin, StatesmanOver the past several months, I have spoken with many Nebraskans -- from Pawnee City to Emerson -- who have shared with me deep concerns about the fiscal health of...
Mar 29, 2010 Fort Report
As you know, the House of Representatives narrowly passed the Senate health care bill late in the night on Sunday, March 21.  I joined 211 of my colleagues in voting against this bill.
Mar 22, 2010 Fort Report
“U.S. Military Day” for Students Interested in the Armed Forces and U.S. Service Academies
Mar 19, 2010 Fort Report
I thought you might be interested to know of an exciting opportunity for Nebraska high school students to participate directly in the lawmaking process this summer in Washington D.C. The Congressional Page Program is a nearly 200 year-old tradition in the United States Congress...
Mar 18, 2010 Fort Report
In the past few days, White House and Congressional leaders have intensified efforts to pass health care legislation.  Their efforts have become so urgent that the Speaker of the House is considering the use of an arcane legislative maneuver to “deem” the Senate bill passed in...
Mar 10, 2010 Fort Report
From hosting the letters of Christopher Columbus, timeworn maps of newly-discovered lands, ancient stele and illuminated manuscripts, to drawings of captive slaves of the Amistad and videos of immigrants arriving at Ellis Island in 1906, the Library of Congress is known for...
Mar 2, 2010 Fort Report
Amidst the partisanship and political showmanship that too often mark the culture of Washington D.C., you might be interested to know that a collaborative, bipartisan, and uniquely Nebraskan tradition endures on Capitol Hill.