Feb 22, 2010 Fort Report
Unless we improve our strategy, the world will awaken very soon to the headline, "Iran has the nuclear bomb."
Feb 18, 2010 Fort Report
Recently I spoke about agricultural entrepreneurship and the best traditions of farm life at the Rural Advantage/Healthy Farms Conference, which is sponsored annually by the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.
Feb 10, 2010 Fort Report
I would like to invite you to a public event I will be hosting Wednesday, Feb. 17, in Lincoln.  This summit, entitled “Healthy Lifestyles, Healthy Companies: Addressing Rising Health Care Costs for Nebraska Small Businesses” will examine how local businesses have addressed costs...
Jan 19, 2010 Fort Report
As you know, the Caribbean island nation of Haiti suffered a massive earthquake on January 12.  Casualty estimates range from 50,000 to 200,000 and the lives of millions of Haitians have been significantly affected.
Jan 6, 2010 Fort Report
As we put 2009 on the shelf and move quickly into a new year, it is appropriate to reflect on the past year’s most significant events.
Dec 4, 2009 Fort Report
Some of the most difficult and touching discussions I have had with constituents in Nebraska involve parents of children with autism—the difficulty of costs, degrees of manifestation and of the condition, and uncertainties about the child’s future.  If you or anyone you know...
Nov 20, 2009 Fort Report
On Saturday, November 7, at about 11 pm, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 3962, the House health care bill, by a vote of 220 – 215. 
Oct 29, 2009 Fort Report
Yesterday afternoon I spoke before the House of Representatives about America’s involvement in Afghanistan. While our nation focuses on an important debate regarding health care, it is critical we not overlook the seriousness of the current situation in Afghanistan and the...
Oct 28, 2009 Fort Report
Mark Twain is said to have noted that, “Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it.”  Now, as eastern Nebraska experiences some of the coldest October temperatures on record, there may be something you can do -- protect yourself from weather’s extremes...
Oct 20, 2009 Fort Report
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