ABC Channel 7 News: Nebraska Lawmakers Talk North Korea and the Economy at Local Legislative Summit

Aug 10, 2017
In The News

Sen. Ben Sasse, Sen. Deb Fischer and Rep. Jeff Fortenberry focused on the economy, trade and North Korea at a Federal Legislative Summit at the Strategic Air Command museum Wednesday morning.

Sasse and Fischer both serve on the Armed Services Committee, and both say the US needs to be firm against North Korea. Fischer is happy about the recently imposed UN Security Council sanctions against North Korea. She also said the US needs to maintain its own missile defense system.

"All options have to be on the table, and the North Korean regime needs to realize that all options are on the table. Again, diplomacy is the best way to handle any situation. That has to be our first step," Fischer said.

"North Korea is not the most important long-term threat, but they very arguably are the most important near-term threat. There is a lot to worry about because there's no good move for us to make right now," Sasse said.

After a disappointing quarter for the state, Sasse says trade deals are crucial to getting Nebraska's agriculture industry back on track.

"We need more trade market. This state thrives on agricultural exports, and not just agriculture-specific communities, but the rest of the Nebraska economy," Sasse said.

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry has his own ideas of how to spur job growth and upward mobility.

"There is a problem with stagnant wages and downward mobility in our society. The key to reviving our economy is to return to entrepreneurial momentum and small business," Fortenberry said.

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