KLKN: Congressman Fortenberry attends Memorial Day ceremony in Mead

Jun 8, 2018
In The News

On Monday, communities throughout Nebraska held remembrance and grave decorating ceremonies to honor our fallen veterans.

In Mead, a memorial day ceremony was held at the Morningside Cemetery.

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry was in attendance, and he gave a speech to the crowd.

"Memorial Day is such an essential holiday for America where we pause and stop from the business and remember those who gave their lives and sacrificed for our liberty and our well–being," said Fortenberry.

A gun salute was administered and high school musicians supplied the music.

"To be here in Mead, Nebraska, with the beautiful Nebraska small town community and know that the memories of those who have fallen is still alive is deeply moving to me but also speaks to the character and heart of who we are as Americans," said Fortenberry.

A veteran in attendance, Gregory Larson, is a mead native.

His family has close to a hundred years of military experience.

If his health hadn't failed him, he would answer the call again.

"if I was a little younger and my health was a little better, I would do it again. I would be glad to," said Larson.

Another Mead resident, Bill Baltz, has family members and friends buried here. His father was a WWII veteran.

Bill says he makes a point to go to visit graves in three different counties just to decorate them.

"I just think we should, while we are still here, we should remember them," said Baltz.

The ceremony is something this community looks forward to each year.

Congressman Fortenberry was pleased to be a part of it.

"Memorial Day is about dignity and nobility that someone would lay down their life for their friends, for us, out of love of country, and out of love for us, demands that we pause from our business and simply say thank you through memorials," said Fortenberry.

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