Nebraska Radio Network: Congressman Fortenberry says president is dedicated to retrieving U.S remains from North Korea

Jul 2, 2018
In The News

For the families of those still waiting for the remains of family members taken by North Korea during the Korean war, the Singapore summit offered a bit of hope.  North Korea agreed to hand over the remains as part of an agreement signed by both countries.

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry says the President recently met with members of Congress on Capitol Hill and says the issue is still very much on his mind.

“One of the things he mentioned,” says Fortenberry, “was that even during his own campaign, a very elderly person asked him if he could help secure the remains of their child that died in the Korean War.”  Fortenberry knows what it feels like to retrieve a loved one recovered from war, and how much it can mean to a family.

“In fact, my own grandfather’s remains were returned from Sainte-Mère-Église, France to Arlington National Cemetery in 1948,” says Fortenberry.

In anticipation of receiving the remains, President Trump has ordered 100 coffins be sent to the North Korean border.

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