Nebraska Radio Network: Nebraska Congressman gives analysis of North Korea Summit

Jul 2, 2018
In The News

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry says it’s a miracle the North Korean summit in Singapore ever happened.

“It’s historic. It’s bold. It’s unimaginable really; considering where we were a few month ago,” Fortenberry tells Nebraska Radio Network affiliate KLIN.

The Congressman points to a series of circumstances that led to the unprecedented summit.

First, Fortenberry notes President Trump’s decisiveness, clarity, willingness to switch between soft and hard power when dealing with the Hermit Kingdom. “It’s the military that makes the space for diplomatic engagement,” according to Fortenberry.

Second, Fortenberry says a lot of credit also goes to South Korea for its handling of the Olympic Games. At the time of the games, Fortenberry met with a South Korean ambassador who said he was optimistic for future prospects between the United States and North korea after seeing the Trump and Kim families mingling together. According to Fortenberry, that showed, “maybe some common humanity was possible to break through a diplomatic stalemate.”

Third, Fortenberry points to Chinese intervention. “I think this is really being under-reported and has not been sufficiently analyzed” says Fortenberry. Although China generally likes that North Korea causes trouble for America on a regular basis, Fortenberry says Chairman Kim went too far and, after months of hostile action, “got pulled into the principal’s office, the woodshed, and began to change his tune.”

As a result of the summit, the U.S and North Korea agreed to commit to better relations and to eventually denuclearize the Korean peninsula.

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