Nebraska Radio Network: Nebraska Congressman looks forward to new Congress, though soon to be in the minority

Nov 28, 2018
In The News

A Nebraska Congressman looks ahead to a new session of Congress; a session in which he will find himself in the minority.

Democrats will take control of the U.S. House of Representatives in January, leaving Nebraska’s delegation in the minority.

Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry says Republicans and Democrats must find ways to work together to resolve lingering issues.

“I think America is demanding that health care be deal with in a smart, consensus-building way that achieves three goals: lowering costs, improving well-being while protecting vulnerable persons,” Fortenberry tells Nebraska Radio Network.

Fortenberry sees room for bipartisan work on health care and conservation. Fortenberry sponsors the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, a measure which would redirect $1.3 billion to state-led wildlife conservation efforts. Supporters contend efforts on the state level could improve wildlife habitat and keep species from landing on the Endangered Species list.

Fortenberry says that with the transition of power brought on by the November 6th elections, Democrats will occupy key chairmanships of committees which could pose problems for the Trump Administration. Judiciary, Government Oversight, and Intelligence all could be conduits for Democrats to unleash their anti-Trump sentiments. Fortenberry believes that would be a mistake and would lead Congress to miss the opportunities ahead to work in a bipartisan fashion on important issues.

Washington, D.C. has become incredibly partisan and divisive. Just as Democrats choose new leadership, Republicans, now in the minority, must find new leadership as well since House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin chose not to run for re-election.

Fortenberry says Congress, as well as the Washington establishment, must shake off the contentious mid-terms and get down to work.

“Congress is not a 24/7 alarm to be set off by the media whenever it wants to generate crises and entertainment,” Fortenberry says. “This is not Netflix. This is a serious business of trying to get public policy right so that we have just governance and the appropriate space for thriving in community and individual liberty.”

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