News Channel Nebraska: Bald Eagle With Skin Graft Released Into Wild At Nebraska City

Sep 19, 2017
In The News

NEBRASKA CITY – Fontenelle Forest Raptor Recovery released an American bald eagle at the MRB Lewis and Clark Center at Nebraska City following a first-of-its-kind skin graft. The bird was found injured near Syracuse around Memorial Day.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Coleen Stice diagnosed the wound as an electrical burn and offered her skills to his recovery.

With assistance of a Henry Doorly Zoo veterinarian she completed the skin graft from the eagle’s inner leg to the top of his head. Giving the eagle some brown feathers on top that some say may look like a Mohawk style.

Fontenelle Forest Raptor Rehabilitation Manager Betsy Finch said the five-year-old eagle was given the nickname Bolt for surviving electrocution.

Chip Davis, creator of Mannheim Steamroller released the eagle.

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry was among about 50 people attending.

Dr Stice said without the skin graft to provide feathers to the top of the eagle’s head, he would not have been able to survive the winter.

Molly Mullen of Fontenelle Forest said she was impressed with the large crowd, despite the rain, and especially the eagle’s remarkable recovery.

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