News Channel Nebraska: Fortenberry Surveys Damage In Columbus

Mar 26, 2019
In The News

COLUMBUS – As the Columbus area continues to recover from the flooding disaster, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry got a first-hand look at the devastation that was caused.

Fortenberry came through Columbus on Saturday to survey the areas with the most damage around town, as well as the recovery efforts that places such as T-Bone Truck Stop are undergoing. Joining Fortenberry on his tour around town were Columbus Mayor Jim Bulkley, Platte County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jerry Engdahl, Platte County Emergency Management Director Tim Hofbauer, and Loup Power District President and CEO Neal Suess.

Fortenberry said that it was very uplifting to see the clean-up efforts at T-Bone Truck Stop, and that as a whole Nebraskans are prepared to work through these difficulties with their willingness to pull together and help one another.