Omaha World Herald: Fortenberry Does His Job and Takes the Heat

Mar 20, 2017
In The News

I want to thank Rep. Jeff Fortenberry for meeting with his constituents (“Fortenberry faces boisterous crowd,” March 11 World-Herald). He takes his job very seriously, and I respect him for that.

Even under difficult circumstances, he gave people a chance to talk and question. Participation in the political process is frequently messy and difficult. But 1,200 people coming to a meeting and getting involved in the political process, however imperfectly, is all to the good.

Our next task as Nebraskans and Americans is to figure out how to have dialogues and not shouting matches. All sides — left, right, center, blue, red, purple, whatever — want a better America. Somehow surely we can do that without vilifying each other.

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