Western Journalism: Republican Congressman Harassed With Vulgar Protest Sign At His Home

May 16, 2017
In The News

Angry protestors decided to pay a visit to the home of Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, R-Neb., Thursday, leaving a vulgar sign that he would later tweet and condemn.

Fortenberry’s 11-year-old daughter first discovered the sign, prompting the family to report the incident to local authorities.

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse tweeted support for Fortenberry, criticizing the people who placed the sign as “not being serious about either country or basic neighborliness.”

Even some of Fortenberry’s critics took to social media and said the protesters crossed a line.

“I don’t agree with the way you voted, period. But you have a private life and children deserve to feel safe in their home, no matter WHAT. I am sorry that someone did this,” wrote Jessica Hall.

“I disagree with you on much, but 100% agree that a sign like this at your home is terrible,” said Heather Rhea.

This is first time a protest sign has been placed at the Fortenberry home.

The group responsible for the sign, The Betsy Riot, tweeted a message earlier Thursday about helping “enhance” Fortenberry’s home curb with the sign..

The group describes themselves as a “neosuffragists and punk patriots” who are defending the country from “Trump culture and gun culture.”

Their website, heavily populated with profanities, is almost entirely dedicated to undoing President Donald Trump’s agenda and getting rid of the “dutiful fascists who serve him.”

“The Betsy Riot members typically do not say anything when they show up at a protest but often display pointed and sometimes vulgar messages on their signs,” the Omaha World Herald reported.

They have previously appeared at National Rifle Association meetings, waving signs that call the group the “murder lobby.”

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