Fortenberry Commemorates Fourth Anniversary of Yazidi Genocide

Aug 3, 2018
Press Release

(Lincoln, NE) – Congressman Jeff Fortenberry spent the evening with the Yazidi community of Lincoln, America’s largest, to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the Yazidi Genocide. 

The Yazidis are an ancient ethno-religious people who primarily live in the Nineveh and Sinjar areas of Iraq.  Their community was targeted by ISIS for extermination.  Today 400,000 Yazidis remain in tent camps as displaced persons.  Over 3500 Yazidi women remain prisoners of ISIS.

“I am honored to represent the brave people of this community, and humbled that they have invited me to commemorate this somber occasion with them,” Fortenberry said.  “The Yazidis of Nebraska profoundly contribute to the diversity and well-being of the Lincoln community by celebrating their tradition while proudly embracing their new home,” Fortenberry added.

At the request of Vice President Mike Pence, Fortenberry recently traveled with a delegation to Iraq on a mission to investigate the effectiveness of US aid to help the religious minority communities, who are barely hanging on in their ancestral homeland of the Nineveh Plain.  

“At this point, America has given so much, lost so much in Iraq, it is hard to understand why engagement is ongoing and necessary,” Fortenberry added.  “Getting this right means justice for the oppressed, stability for Iraq, and the preservation of principles necessary for civilization itself.”

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry is a Member of the House Appropriations Committee and is Chairman of its Subcommittee on the Legislative Branch.  He is also the co-chair of the Religious Minorities in the Middle East Caucus.