Fortenberry Statement on Recovering America's Wildlife Act

Dec 15, 2017
Press Release

(Lincoln, NE) – Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) and Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) yesterday introduced the bipartisan Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) in the United States House of Representatives.

“This is an important and creative legislative initiative to protect ecosystems across our nation through constructive partnerships in states,” said Fortenberry. “The bill provides smart upstream policy to avoid triggering the ‘emergency room procedures’ of the Endangered Species Act. By effectively putting preventative measures in place, we can now better protect habitat and wildlife from becoming lost or endangered in the first place. This will benefit farmers, hunters, anglers, boaters, birders, hikers and other wildlife enthusiasts, as well as the burgeoning field of eco-tourism. The Recovering America's Wildlife Act will also prove to be a powerful new tool to connect resource extraction policy with prudent resource recovery.”

Fortenberry serves on the House Appropriations Committee, and is co-chair of the International Conservation Caucus (ICC).