Plowing Back into the Health Care Debate: Fortenberry Introduces the Rural Health Insurance Act of 2018

May 4, 2018
Press Release

(Washington D.C.) – Congressman Fortenberry issued the following statement on the introduction of the Rural Health Insurance Act of 2018 and its inclusion in the new Farm Bill:

“Farmers and ranchers are hurting,” said Fortenberry. “The Rural Health Insurance Act plows back into the health care debate with an innovative idea in the Farm Bill to support new agricultural health associations.”

“Many individuals in rural communities face unsustainable insurance hikes simply because they can't join with others in a larger risk pool. It's unjust, it's wrong, and it’s contributing to rural decline.”

“Creating new group policies for rural communities will help stem the trend of ag families leaving their operation in order to find work elsewhere solely to gain health care coverage. The bill creates a new loan and grant program to start health care insurance risk pools for qualified ag associations.”

“I am pleased that the idea is getting national attention and policy traction as a new health care solution.”

Congressman Fortenberry is a member of the House Appropriations Committee.