Fort Reports

Oct 22, 2021 Fort Report
We have to face the reality of a threatening China.  I invite you to review my discussion at the Hudson Institute on the systematic abuses of human rights in China, China’s economic conquests, and what we can do about it. 
Oct 15, 2021 Fort Report
The gut wrenching collapse of Afghanistan continues to have consequences.  I invite you to watch this interview on international television regarding the ongoing efforts to save lives.
Oct 8, 2021 Fort Report
America won the Cold War.  While seemingly far behind us, the complicated history of this threat dynamic is an essential American story involving espionage, propaganda, embargoes, psychological warfare, and the amassing of a vast arsenal of nuclear weapons.  It’s important for...
Oct 1, 2021 Fort Report
Please take a look at my interview on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, a national television show that takes questions from across the country.  Here's what America is thinking.  Thanks!
Sep 24, 2021 Fort Report
This week I surveyed Nebraskans on this question––What is America’s biggest threat?  The results are below.  One caveat: the second highest answer was “Other.”  Within that category, many people wrote in either “Democrats” or “Republicans,” suggesting strong distrust of...
Sep 17, 2021 Fort Report
The community of Columbus, Nebraska has a beautiful memorial to World War II veterans, with particular honor given to native son Andrew Jackson Higgins.  In remembrance of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 the memorial was rededicated this past Sunday.  I was pleased to attend the...
Sep 10, 2021 Fort Report
Thousands of people lined the streets of Omaha today for the transfer ceremony of Marine Corporal Daegan Page back to the city where he was born.  We remember his life.  We honor his sacrifice.  And we do not forget.  Thank you to all Nebraskans who poured out in support during...
Sep 3, 2021 Fort Report
Video of Fort Report: 13 Lives
Aug 27, 2021 Fort Report
Earlier this week, I asked if you know someone who served in Afghanistan.  On Thursday, 13 Service Members were killed in Kabul.  They died protecting their countrymen and our Afghan allies.  Today, the friends and family of 13 brave Americans will mourn their loss.  They were...
Aug 20, 2021 Fort Report
Over the past week, Americans watched in disbelief and horror as a barbaric entity called the Taliban bum rushed Afghanistan and swiftly captured its capital of Kabul.  The purported 300,000-person, America-trained, Afghan security force collapsed almost overnight.  After Afghan...