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Fortenberry Statement on Afghanistan

Aug 16, 2021
In The News

“We have all watched with horror the total collapse of Afghanistan.  The pain and suffering is particularly difficult for our veterans, some of whom served there.  After the loss of over 2,300 troops, with 20,000 wounded, it’s incomprehensible how the chaos of this withdrawal could have happened.  We can take some solace in the fact that our military lethally repressed the enemy after 9/11, kept them at bay for 20 years, and gave a chance for a new Afghanistan. 

"As I have noted, a small-scale residual force could have continued the necessary support for stabilization without significant American risk.  Now we will watch as this primitive entity called the Taliban will wreak destruction, cruelly assassinate, repress women, and return the country to darkness.  The principles of civilization are fragile things indeed.”


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