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Politico Pro: Fortenberry-Pingree Bill Expands and Strengthens Local Meat Processing Capabilities

Oct 1, 2020
In The News

On Tuesday, Reps. Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) and Jeff Fortenberry(R-Neb.) filed legislation that would open the door to more small meat and poultry processors by authorizing grants for small establishments and raising federal contributions to state slaughterhouse inspections.
The effort is aimed at giving local producers more options for their livestock, rather than relying on a single, massive slaughterhouse that could be hundreds of miles away.

“There is a broadening concern over corporate concentration in the meatpacking industry,” Fortenberry said in a statement. “In a previous time, we had more local meat processing. This bill helps stimulate a return to that previous model, creating a robust market in local economies, linking the farm to the family.”