Press Release

Fortenberry and Craig Joint Statement on Legislation to Cut Insulin Prices: Matt’s Act

Jul 24, 2020
Press Release

(WASHINGTON, DC) – Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (NE-01) and Congresswoman Angie Craig (MN-02) offered the following statements today on the introduction of Matt’s Act, a bill addressing high insulin prices.

“Late last year, a Nebraska dad contacted me about the sky-high cost of his 13-year-old son's insulin. His son Matt, who was newly diagnosed with Type I diabetes, told me that he could not understand why the cost of his insulin increased almost 1000%.  This week he has a bill in his honor—Matt’s Act,” Fortenberry said.

“I appreciate Rep. Angie Craig who has been a great partner in developing this transformational legislation.  We share a concern about the 30 million Americans who suffer from diabetes.  Many see the costs of their lifesaving drugs go up and up and up.  Patients skip their doses because they can’t afford their insulin, and this can land them in the hospital.  They deserve better.,” Fortenberry added.

“Minnesotans are dying because of the real-life impact of the cost of insulin and other life-saving prescription drugs,” said Rep. Craig (MN-02). “I’m proud to join with Rep. Jeff Fortenberry on a bipartisan effort to fundamentally rethink insulin pricing by eliminating an unnecessary step in getting the lifesaving medicine to the folks with diabetes. I look forward to passing this commonsense legislation to address the insulin crisis.”

Link to the bill HERE.

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (NE-01) is the Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Congresswoman Angie Craig (MN-02) sits on the Committee on Agriculture.